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Research Center for Ruminant Disease


The Research Centre for Ruminant Diseases, formerly known as Excellent Centre for Ruminant was created and established in 2008. The Research Centre coordinates and channels the Facultys strength on research in ruminant diseases to focus research in certain ruminant diseases of importance.

Through world-renowned expertise, state-of-the art facilities and partnerships with leading institutes around the globe, the Research Centre for Ruminant Diseases provides researchers with an excellent scientific environment that fosters groundbreaking research, collaboration and training of young researchers. Currently, the Centre has 5 principal researchers and 1 research officer.

A wide range of research topics is currently being carried out at the Research Centre for Ruminant Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

The group is internationally recognized for research works in haemorrhagic septicaemia of cattle and buffalo, the pneumonic pasteurellosis of sheep and goats and the parasitism of large and small ruminants.


To perform basic and strategic research within an interdisciplinary range of ruminant diseases To distribute the research results and knowledge at national and international levels To promote awareness of ruminant diseases and control at the national and international levels


To be a leading centre for research in ruminant diseases by facilitating an integrated and multidisciplinary research approach.

Updated:: 25/03/2013 [mjamil]


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