Client's Charter

Charter Undergraduate Teaching Process

"We're committed staff Faculty of Veterinary Medicine offers a world-class academic programs"


1. To ensure that students receive a course outline and descriptions as well as the date of the examination on the first day of lectures / practicals are held.
2. To ensure that the course content, and methods of teaching and learning atmosphere is good, friendly and student-focused.
3. To ensure that students get the results and feedback from every guest lecturers within 2 weeks after the votes held.
4. Provide Integrated Timetables student friendly.
5. Ensuring students are able to meet the lecturers in the negotiations that have been set by the lecturer.
6. Ensure Final Exam exhibited at least 3 weeks before the examination week.
7. Review the curriculum of the program every five years.
8. Keep a record of the students systematically and ensure his safety.
9. To ensure that each student is assigned an Academic Advisor (PA), and meetings between the PA and the students do at least 2 times per semester.
10. Ensure the PA to manage the problem of students within 3 working days from the date of the meeting with the students
11. Ensure students are given the opportunity to be involved with extra-curricular activities and teamwork and leadership training.

1. Provide Integrated Lecture Schedule lecturer friendly.
2. Ensure Teaching Evaluation and Lecturer made with transparent and effective.
3. Prepare and distribute Activity Schedule Academic Preparation of the Final Test Paper by the end of week 2 teaching.
4. Provide ID and password lecturer at least 2 weeks after receiving notice of the Academic University.
5. Ensure that the final exam questions and the answers ready at least 5 working days before the final exam took place.
General and External Parties

1. Implement academic activities punctuality set by the University.

a) All notices published within 3 working days after accepted for student action
b) Provide all relevant forms of action for students one day before the first day of activities.
c) Processing enrollment form with the right decision.
d) Provide information resources of academic activities and affairs a complete and current students.

2. Ensure that all letters and inquiries acted upon and responded to within 7 working days.
Charter Graduate Teaching Process

1. To process the student application form within 2 weeks after receipt of the form.
2. Take action on the form and the documents received within 2 working days.
3. Provide a complete investigation.
4. To ensure a satisfying workout.
5. Ensure that students informed of the results of each evaluation within 2 weeks after the assessment is carried out.
6. Ensure that students discuss the performance of the supervisory committee of students learning together at least once a semester.
7. Ensure that all records are stored in a systematic and safe.
Charter Process Research

1. Process application research funding within 2 weeks after receipt of the form.
2. Evaluate the progress of the investigation report within 2 weeks after receipt of the report.
3. Assist in obtaining research funding Strategic Research (SR) and Priority Research (PR).
4. Provide a complete investigation.
5. Provide a channel strategic alliances.
6. Ensure that all records are stored in a systematic and safe.

Charter Process University Veterinary Hospital

"We, the staff of the University Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing quality service, care and treatment of animals fitted with the necessary facilities"

1. Ensure that the waiting time for:

  • Admission is within 10 minutes.
  • Medical examination (Case appointment) within 30 minutes.
  • Medical examination (daily case) is based on those who came before.

2. Take action on ambulatory services for:

  • Emergency cases immediately or within 24 hours.
  • Non-emergency cases as soon as possible or within 3 working days.
  • Herd health program within 3 working days.

3. Provide relevant laboratory results upon request.

4. Ensure that the lab results will be issued in a timely manner, as follows:

Hematology and Clinical Biochemistry
Complete Hematology - 2 days
Freezing - 2 days
Biochemistry - 2 days
Urine tests - 2 days
Cytology - 5 days
Fecal examination - 2 days

Bacteriology - Isolation and Identification
Common bacteria - 7 days
Common bacterial sensitivity test + - 5 days
Dermatopit - 5 weeks
Kampilobaktor and Salmonella - 10 days
Mikobakterium - 5 weeks
Mycoplasma - 3 weeks
Sporotrik - 7 days
Counting of bacteria and coliform - 4 days
Spira 6 weeks
Brucella 1 month

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