Biologik Veterinar dan Farmaseutikal

Ketua Program
1. Professor Dr Mohd Azmi Mohd Lila - Professor Virology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Nama Penyelidik dan kepakaran


2. Professor Dr Hair Bejo - Professor Pathology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
3. Dato' Dr Abd Rani Bahaman - Professor Bacteriology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
4. Professor Dr Abd Rahman Omar - Professor Virology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
5. Professor Dr Siti Suri binti Arshad - Associate Professor Virology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
6. Professor Dr Zunita Zakaria - Associate Professor Bacteriology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
7. Assoc. Professor Dr Arifah Abd Kadir - Associate Professor Pharmacology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


      This program is dealing with R&D activities towards development and production of vaccines (virus, bacteria, parasites, etc), antigens, antitoxins and other preparations made from living organisms (or genetically engineered) and intended for use in diagnosing, treating, or immunizing animals. Other R&D activities covered under this program are also to include development of pharmaceuticals drugs for the treatment of animal disease.
      All veterinary biologics (which is also known as biopharmaceuticals) and pharmaceuticals must comply with safety, purity, potency, and efficacious requirement.
      The program fosters improved cross-fertilization of knowledge between industry and academia. Such coordinated efforts could lead to rapid application of promising approaches and technologies to new product development. Identification of best-practices and development of checklists for R&D plans and implementation programmes serve to shorten the timeline for product development progression from the laboratory bench to market.
    In principle, this program provides the most suitable platform to researchers to accelerate development and delivery of important veterinary biologics & pharmaceuticals to the industry.

Kata kunci : Veterinary Biologics, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Product Development

Sorotan Penyelidikan :

  • The research group has developed and commercialised numbers of veterinary biologics since a decade ago.

  • Researcher members have very strong networking with Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculturev

  • Research members had previously obtained several millions of research funding for the last 10 years.

  • Strong networking with universities abroad

    Projek Terkini :

  • Novel live attenuated tissue culture adapted infectious bursal disease (IBD) vaccine against very virulent IBD virus infection. MOSTI: RM 1,200,000.00

  • Pathogenicity and molecular characteristics of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) isolates of Malaysia for the development of vaccine. MOSTI: RM 275,200.00

  • Rapid identification and genotyping of pathogenic leptospiral isolates through multilocus sequence typing technique (MLST) for epidemiology and control programmes of leptospirosis in Malaysia, RUGS: RM 200,000.00

  • Cytoprotection of pancreatic islets using dendrimer based gene delivery: RUGS, RM15,000

  • The synergistic anticancer and antioxidant activities of Malaysian ethno botanical extracts and bioactive fractions: RUGS, RM87,000

  • Development of Hepatitis Vaccine: MOSTI: 300,0000

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