The DVM programme is designed to produce graduates in veterinary science competent in animal disease diagnosis, treatment, control, investigation, and production. Graduates of the Faculty are skilled with day-one competencies to serve the veterinary and livestock industries.

These veterinarians have the required knowledge to practice in veterinary clinics and hospitals.


Universiti Putra Malaysia practices a two semester academic year. The duration of each semester is 18 weeks.

First Semester : September to January

Second Semester : February to June A full-time student is required to register and attend a total of 12 to 20 credits of courses per semester.

In most courses, student performance is determined by continuous assessment with one final examination at the end of the semester. The minimum duration of the DVM programme is 5 years or 10 semesters and the successful completion of not less than 189 total credit.

Students may apply for an extension of study duration if they are required to repeat failed courses or due to personal reasons such as illnesses. 

Graduates of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine recognized by and registered with the Malaysian Veterinary Council (MVM) to obtain a certificate which entitles them to practice working in Malaysia as a qualified veterinarian.

Job opportunities for graduates of Veterinary Medicine degree program is vast, whether as a veterinary officer in various government and private agencies or private companies engaged in the veterinary industry. Many graduates are expected to be self-sufficient and decided to open her own veterinary clinic..... more details



Universiti Putra Malaysia Global Student Mobility Programme is designed to encourage students from universities abroad to conduct short-term academicrelated activities in UPM. The aim is to offer opportunities for international students to understand and appreciate the Malaysian society and culture, to expand their knowledge and experience, and to foster life-long relationship with Malaysians.

Universiti Putra Malaysia has signed more than 180 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) to foster student exchange programmes with universities from all over the world. The programme has attracted hundreds of international students from different parts of the world.


  1. Exchange programme [3 months to 1 or 2 semester(s)
  2. Short-term programme (2 weeks or more)
  3. Internship programme (2 weeks to 6 months)
  4. Industrial Training/Research (2 weeks or more)
  5. Visits (less than 2 weeks)


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UPM offer several mobility programmes as follows:

1. Equine Management, Sports, and Recreation.

This course comprises of work training at equestrian clubs. Students are trained in the techniques of horse-riding and daily management of horses. Students also have opportunities to participate in equestrian rides according to their level of riding skill.


Programme Learning Outcome:

a. Describe an overview of the Malaysian and international equine industry

b. Participate in the daily management of a horse

c. Develop horse riding skills


Cost/Fee: USD1000 (subject to revision).

All travelling, medical, and accident insurance expenses are borne by the student.
Accommodation are free only for students from universities with reciprocal agreements with UPM.


Contact Person:

Dr Nurul Hayah Khairuddin

Tel: 603-8609 3914 / Fax: 603-89471971
Faculty website: 


Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

This course covers various aspects of biodiversity, ecology, behavior and conservation of the indigenous Malaysian wildlife. Programme Learning Outcome:

  1. Describe an overview of the Malaysian wildlife biodiversity
  2. Explain the ecology, behavior and conservation of wildlife
  3. Follow the conservation centres Cost/Fee USD 1000 (subject to revision).


All travelling, medical, and accident insurance expenses are borne by the student.Accommodation are free only for students from universities with reciprocal agreements with UPM.

Contact Person Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rani Bahaman


How to Apply :

Interested students can download the application form from our web site
Additional documents required for the application are:

  1. Nomination acknowledgement from the home university
  2. Recommendation letter from the home university
  3. Certified copies of academic transcripts.


For further information, kindly contact;

Mrs. Nur Maisarah bt. Roslan
Assistant Registrar
Mobility and International Collaboration Section, International Division

Telephone: +603-8946 7446 / E-mail:


Professor Dr Siti Suri Arshad
Deputy Dean (Academic and Student Affairs)
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Telephone : +603-8609 3884 / E-mail:
Faks: +603-8947 1971 





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