Maklumat Am Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) ditubuhkan pada tahun 1973. Pada masa itu UPM dikenali sebagai Universiti Pertanian Malaysia dan Fakulti sebagai Fakulti Kedoktoran Veterinar dan Sains Peternakan.

Fakulti kini dibentuk oleh 6 jabatan, tiga daripadanya baru diwujudkan pada tahun 2013. Tiga jabatan asal ialah Jabatan Sains Praklinikal Veterinar yang menumpu kepada sains veterinar asas dan produksi haiwan, Jabatan Patologi dan Mikrobiologi Veterinar kepada sains paraklinikal dan Jabatan Pengajian Klinikal Veterinar kepada sains klinikal. Tiga jabatan baharu iaitu Jabatan Diagnosis Makmal Veterinar, Jabatan Perubatan dan Pembedahan Haiwan Kesayangan dan Jabatan Perubatan dan Pembedahan Haiwan Ladang dan Eksotik yang menumpu kepada perkhidmatan dan amalan klinikal.

Fakulti juga mempunyai sebuah Hospital Veterinar Universiti (UVH) yang terulung di negara ini. Hospital ini serba lengkap dan moden, memberi perkhidmatan diagnosis, rawatan, pembedahan dan penjagaan semua jenis haiwan kepada masyarakat. Kes yang dirujuk kepada UVH juga merupakan sumber untuk pengajaran pelajar program Doktor Perubatan Veterinar.

Fakulti adalah institusi pengajian tinggi pertama yang memperolehi persijilan ISO 9001 komprehensif dalam pengajaran, penyelidikan dan perkhidmatan profesional pada 7 Julai 2000. Fakulti juga diakreditasi dengan ISO 17250 untuk beberapa ujian makmal. Untuk kekal relevan dan selaras dengan era penserantauan dan globalisasi Fakulti sedang berusaha untuk memperolehi akreditasi antarabangsa untuk program Doktor Perubatan Veterinarnya.

Doktor haiwan ini mempunyai pengetahuan yang diperlukan untuk berlatih di klinik dan hospital veterinar.

Universiti Putra Malaysia campus is strategically located within the Multimedia
Supercorridor (MSC) and is only a 10-minute drive from the centre of new federal
territory of Putrajaya.

The campus is surrounded by vibrant townships of Kajang (16
km), Seri Petaling (14 km), and the city of Kuala Lumpur (24 km). Public transport
services (bus and rail commuter services) are regularly scheduled to Kuala Lumpur
and nearby townships.

The university operates regular shuttle-bus services between
the residential colleagues and the academic complexes and between UPM campus
and selected destinations off-campus such as the rail commuter stations. The UPM
co-operatives store provides essential daily sundries.

The small towns adjacent to
the campus, Taman Seri Serdang and Seri Kembangan also offer a wide range of
amenities ranging from daily sundries to academic utilities such as printing and
binding of documents.


Log into your student homepage to :


The Faculty sponsors an annual castration project for stray animals better known as PRO-KASIH. This programme is organised by the VETERNAK and Zoologico club under the supervision of Faculty. The objective of the project is to raise the awareness on the welfare of stray animals in and around UPM campus as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

An annual event organised by the VETERNAK and conducted in the first semester of each academic year. The main objective of this programme is to provide the opportunity for students to meet veterinary professionals and practitioners. In the programme students are briefed by invited speakers on career opportunities and the trials and tribulations of the veterinary profession.

  • CAREER TALK Career Talk

Programme that is organised and conducted every Friday of second semester to graduating students. This programme is sponsored by companies from the Malaysia Veterinary Industry.



The program is an initiative of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Student Association to enhance relationship and foster teamwork and team-spirit among first year students. The objective of this programme is to develop leadership acumen among students and to strengthen bonds between the first and second year students in Faculty.


Is an annual event where Faculty staff, lecturer and students gather to appreciate the final year students and celebrate the successful completion of their arduous journey through the veterinary programme.



The Vet Sports weeks is a programme that includes a variety of sports activities which include indoor and outdoor games. The programme is aimed at encouraging 97 participation of students and the staff in sports activities. These sports activities serve as an opportunity for students and staff to show their talents while promoting positive social interactions among participants.

Ceriathon is an annual activity where students show their appreciation to the Faculty by working in close cooperation to clean and tidy the faculty. The activity is voluntary but students have never failed to give full support to the event.


Majlis Silatulrahim is an annual event organised by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in collaboration with the faculty student associations. It is an afternoon when students and staff takes a breather from the daily grind of work to enjoy presentations by each DVM class. The aim of this event is to encourage teamwork, foster friendship, develop tolerance and and understanding within the family of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This is an opportunity for students to display their talents such in music, acting, dancing, and story-telling. The presentation is judged by a panel selected by the Faculty and the winning presentation receives the “Ali Rajion Trophy”, honouring Professor Dr Ali Rajion, the founder of this programme.

Dogathon was started in 1997 as a platform to enhance public awareness of strays, and to promote responsible pet ownership. The event is a great way for the society to be involved in addressing issues of stray dogs. Dogathon is, organised by the third year veterinary students of the Faculty, to raise funds and contribute to the annual PRO-KASIH programmes. Although the mission of the programme is a serious one, the event is fun-filled, and an opportunity for dog owners to indulge in something out of the ordinary with their pets in the calm environs of Bukit Ekspo, UPM.The highlight of the event is the Dogathon Race. This involves both dogs and owners running side-by-side for 2.6 km early in the morning through the cool shades of the trees in UPM campus. This event has been a consistent favourite among dogowners. Some dog owners club may even organize get-togethers during Dogathon, to promote not only their breeds of interest, but also ongoing activities of their respective interest groups.


The Malaysia One Health University Network (MyOHUN), was initiated in 2012 as a part of the regional network of Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAHOUN). This network was built to promote the philosophy and spirit of One 98 Health in response to emerging and re-emerging diseases. The members of MyOHUN currently comprises of academician from Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The One Health Student Club is under the auspices of VETERNAK, and involved in One Health activities funded by MyOHUN.

The Faculty received a sum of Fund from the Ministry of Education (MOE) to finance training and activities in PutraBiz@Vet Entrepreneurship Incubator programme. The programme aimed to inculcate entrepreneurialship among students, while facilitating the development of a veterinary entrepreneurship network database, derived primary from the alumni of the Faculty. PutraBiz@Vet operates a store that sells stationeries, books, basic veterinary equipments, lab coat, overalls and other needs at a competitive price. Putrabizis also responsible for other ancillary businesses such as vending machines.


The International Veterinary Students Association was established in 1951 in Denmark to promote international exchange of veterinary education, knowledge and experiences among veterinary students of various countries and regions of the world. The association, of which the Faculty is a member, has a membership comprising of veterinary schools from more than 50 countries. The Malaysian chapter of the association is known "IVSA Malaysia". IVSA encourages, supports, and funds individuals and groups to participate in exchange programme. We had our first student exchange experience in 2012 where Faculty students embarked on an exchange programme with South African Veterinary students. IVSA has also facilitated several other student exchanges involving Malaysian, French, and South Koraean veterinary students. Other activities of IVSA include organisation of international congresses and symposiums for veterinary students to exchange ideas on animal health problems afflicting various countries. The association also provide veterinary education assistance to certain underdeveloped countries.


The Mahasiswa Islam Veterinar, also known as ‘MIVET’ is an organisation developed by Faculty veterinary students to uplift their Islamic values. Minggu Penghayatan Islam Veterinar (MPIV) was organized in September 2012 to review the commitment of students to Islamic principles. The objectives of the club are: To foster Islamic knowledge and practices among Faculty veterinary students during their pursuit of veterinary professionalism

  • To encourage students to adhere to the principles of Islam so that they become better Muslims
  • To inculcate Islamic ethics and morality in students so that they can serve the society and nation with absolute responsibility and commitment
  • To convince Muslim veterinary students that the Islamic way of life is the only way to success now and hereafter
  • To develop a spiritual environment based on Islamic principles conducive for the achievements of worldly and heavenly goals.


Terdapat beberapa kaedah atau cara bagi memupuk persefahaman dan mengeratkan silaturahim antara semua ahli yang terdiri dari staf akademik, bukan akademik dan kontrak/sementara.

Antaranya ialah dengan penubuhan Kelab Sukan & Rekreasi, Aktiviti-aktiviti yang dijalankan oleh KSRV adalah berpandukan kepada cadangan, keperluan dan permintaan para ahli. Bersesuaian dengan namanya, KSRV banyak mengendalikan aktiviti sukan dan rekreasi bagi para ahli.

Selain itu, KSRV turut menganjurkan aktiviti sosial, keagamaan serta kebajikan baik kepada ahli mahupun kepada masyarakat.

Klinik Haiwan Bergerak
BEBERAPA pelajar dan pensyarah yang berada di dalam van berwarna putih itu dilihat sibuk mengendalikan beberapa ekor kucing yang memerlukan rawatan. Dikenali sebagai klinik bergerak dalam kalangan masyarakat, van atau kenderaan pelbagai guna (MPV) yang diubah suai menjadi sebuah klinik itu merupakan inisiatif tenaga pengajar daripada Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Siapa sangka, klinik yang pernah digerakkan untuk misi menyelamat haiwan yang terkesan dengan banjir sekitar Lembah Klang penghujung tahun lalu kemudian dijadikan platform untuk terus membantu mendidik masyarakat dan merawat haiwan yang memerlukan. Bukan sahaja menyediakan pemeriksaan kesihatan dan rawatan asas secara percuma, pasukan klinik bergerak itu turut mengadakan pelbagai program kesedaran kepada masyarakat, terutamanya mengenai kaedah penjagaan haiwan yang betul. Semua ini dilakukan oleh pasukan pensyarah dan pelajar daripada Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar dalam memastikan kebajikan haiwan belaan mahupun terbiar mendapat penjagaan sewajarnya. Timbalan Dekannya, Prof. Dr. Jalila Abu berkata, cetusan idea klinik veterinar bergerak itu sebenarnya diketuai Pensyarah Kanannya, Dr. Farina Musta a Kamal dan Ketua Jabatan, Prof. Madya Dr. Nurul Hayah Khairuddin. Ia bagaimanapun turut digerakkan dengan beberapa tonggak penting lain termasuk Pegawai Perunding Hospital Veterinar Universiti (UVH), Prof. Madya Dr. Chen Hui Cheng. “Van ini pada awalnya digunakan untuk tujuan pengajaran memandangkan kami di sini sebagai perunding UVH dan memahami keperluan akses ke lokasi atau memudahkan ke kawasan perkampungan dan pedalaman untuk pengajaran serta rawatan. “Bagaimanapun, sekitar awal tahun lalu, van ini digunakan oleh Dr. Farina untuk tujuan penyelidikan. Pada waktu itu, beliau mengkaji jangkitan Covid-19 dalam kalangan kucing. “Kemudian, van ini digerakkan untuk tujuan pameran dan pengajaran dan ia berdasarkan jemputan sehingga kini. Jika pihak universiti menjalankan program pengembangan veterinar, kami akan turut serta dengan sasaran utama mahu mendidik kaedah penjagaan haiwan yang betul,” katanya kepada K2. Pada penghujung tahun lalu, apabila beberapa kawasan di sekitar Lembah Klang dilanda bah, van tersebut digerakkan ke kawasan terlibat bagi membantu haiwan-haiwan yang turut menjadi mangsa banjir.
Klinik Haiwan Bergerak
Artikel Beri Perkhidmatan Percuma Di Harian Metro
Artikel Beri Perkhidmatan Percuma Di Harian Metro
Jom saksikan webinar kesihatan kucing (Instagram Live)!
Jom saksikan webinar kesihatan kucing (Instagram Live)!
Artikel-artikel lain...
Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar UPM telah terlibat dengan program sukarelawan “Potong-royong™” iaitu program pemandulan kucing secara besar-besaran di Kampung Batu 14, Hulu Langat, Selangor. Program ini dianjurkan oleh Persatuan Menolong Haiwan (SPCA) Selangor dengan kerjasama FPV UPM, Persatuan Perubatan Veterinar Malaysia (MAVMA) dan Persatuan Veterinar Haiwan Kesayangan Malaysia (MSAVA). Program tersebut telah dirasmikan oleh Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tengku Permaisuri Selangor, Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin.

"Dan infaqkanlah harta pada jalan Allah dan jangan campakkan tanganmu (diri kamu) kepada kehancuran dan hendaklah kamu berbuat baik sesungguhnya Allah Suka orang-orang yang berbuat kebaikan.  Surah al-Baqarah: 195"  


Assalamualaikum wbt dan salam sejahtera.

YBhg. Dato'/Prof./Dr./Tuan/Puan,

Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa pihak KSRV, akan menganjurkan Program Ihya Ramadan Bubur Lambuk KSRV pada 5 April 2023, hari Rabu dengan mengadakan aktiviti gotong-royong memasak bubur lambuk di Kafe FPV.

Bubur lambuk ini akan diagihkan kepada semua warga Fakulti (staf, pelajar dan pelanggan Fakulti) secara drive-thru di Pondok Pengawal FPV selepas waktu pejabat.

Sehubungan itu, pihak KSRV ingin memohon sumbangan daripada  YBhg. Dato'/Prof./Dr./Tuan/Puan dari segi kewangan bagi menampung perbelanjaan menyediakan bubur lambuk.  Sumbangan boleh disalurkan melalui akaun CIMB 8002153929 atau cek atas nama “Kelab Sukan dan Rekreasi Veterinar” atau diserahkan terus kepada saya atau Pn. Norhayati.

Walau bagaimanapun, bagi melaksanakan program ini berjalan lancar, pihak KSRV memohon bantuan staf dan pelajar FPV yang berkelapangan untuk turut serta bekerjasama memasak bubur lambuk.  Sila berada di kafe FPV pada jam 8:30 pagi dan berpakaian yang sesuai.

Kerjasama dan bantuan daripada pihak YBhg. Dato'/Prof./Dr./Tuan/Puan, kami dahului dengan ucapan jutaan terima kasih.  Semoga kita semua beroleh keberkatan dan amal jariah yang berkekalan hingga ke hari akhirat.




We would like to cordially invite you to join a seminar “ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR AND WELFARE DAY 2023”, held on 08 April 2023 (Saturday), 9.00 am - 5.00 pm at Dewan Auditorium FPV.
The seminar is proudly organised by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM, collaboration with Royal Canin Malaysia and MAVMA.
We look forward to welcoming you and having a fruitful and enjoyable seminar.
Registration is open now.
“Early bird” registration is RM100.00 ONLY and it will be closed on 29th Mac 2023!
Official payment registration:
1) Please scan QR code on the poster OR click this link: https://paygate.upm.edu.my/action.do?do=
2) Enter the UPM paygate website.
3) Click on 'Buat pembayaran' and choose to pay to ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR AND WELFARE DAY 2023 SEMINAR.
4) Fill in the details and please make a payment via EFT or Debit/Credit card.
5) Settle the payment.
We would be grateful if you could disseminate this announcement to your contacts who might be interested to attend. Your participation and cooperation are very much awaited and appreciated.
For further information, please contact:
📞 Dr. Syamira Syazuana
📞 Dr. Michelle Fong
📞 En. Iskandar Afifi
Thanks and have a good day!
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Program pemandulan adalah salah satu inisiatif yang dijalankan bertujuan untuk mengawal populasi kucing dan hal ini juga dapat menjaga kemaslahatan ummah. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, pemandulan kucing boleh mengelakkan daripada masalah penyakit berjangkit di antara kucing, merendahkan peluang pembuangan kucing secara berleluasa dan boleh mengurangkan risiko pembiakan masalah genetik. Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar (FPV) aktif dalam melaksanakan kempen pemandulan kucing. Antara program yang sedang dilaksanakan oleh FPV termasuklah Potong- Royong dan PROKASIH. 

  1. Projek potong-royong 
    Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar (FPV), Universiti Putra Malaysia bersama Persatuan Menolong Haiwan SPCA Selangor, Persatuan Perubatan Veterinar Malaysia (MAVMA) dan Persatuan Veterinar Haiwan Kesayangan Malaysia (MSAVA) akan mengadakan program “Potong-Royong”, iaitu program pemandulan kucing di Hulu Langat, Selangor. Program ini akan berlangsung selama enam hari bermulaHARI INI: 7 Mac 2023 sehingga 12 Mac 2023 daripada jam 10.00 pagi sehingga 5.00 petang. Program itu akan dijalankan pada 7-12 Mac 2023, 10 pagi hingga 5 petang, bertempat di Dewan Dato Nazir, Kg. Batu 14, Hulu Langat melibatkan sukarelawan doktor veterinar bertauliah, pelajar Doktor Perubatan Veterinar (DPV) dan juga sukarelawan awam. Projek ini diketuai oleh Dr Farina Mustaffa Kamal. 



Projek Pemandulan Haiwan Terbiar atau lebih dikenali sebagai PROKASIH ialah aktiviti kelab pelajar bersama kelab VETERNAK di bawah penyeliaan Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar, UPM. PROKASIH merupakan satu-satunya program yang memfokuskan isu-isu kebajikan dan sosial berkenaan haiwan terbiar di dalam kampus dan masyarakat di luar yang dianggotai oleh pelajar doktor perubatan veterinar UPM. Bagi melengkapi aktiviti "Potong-royong" adalah pemeriksaan umum kesihatan haiwan kesayangan dan juga program kempen kesedaran pemilikan haiwan kesayangan yang bertanggungjawab iaitu “Komuniti MADANI Prihatin Haiwan” di bawah persatuan pelajar DPV - PROKASIH. Penasihat kelab ialah Profesor Madya Dr. Chen Hui Cheng. 


Ayuh, sumbangan anda mampu membantu FPV untuk meningkatkan tahap kebajikan haiwan!! 



Sumbangan ke Tabung Kebajikan Haiwan UPM boleh dibuat melalui pautan di bawah:

Tekan: https://vet.upm.edu.my/tabung_kebajikan_haiwan-4056?L=bm

Tekan "Klik di sini" untuk tiba ke paygate Tabung Kebajikan Haiwan UVH FPV

Isikan maklumat di dalam borang dan buat pembayaran 

Muat turun resit pembayaran 

Kepilkan resit pembayaran kepada kami melalui google form ini : https://forms.gle/evR56WiLnAAHnsRc6


Nota tambahan:

Sumbangan ke Tabung Kebajikan Haiwan UPM melebihi RM500 layak mendapat pengecualian cukai dari UPM (individu dan syarikat)

Anda boleh memohon resit potongan zakat dan wakaf melalui WAZAN jika menyumbang kepada wakaf khas fasiliti Hospital Veterinar UPM. Permohonan resit mesti dilakukan pada bulan yang sama dengan sumbangan. 


Sebarang pertanyaan yang lebih lanjut boleh diajukan kepada emel vet.animal_welfare@upm.edu.my Segala sumbangan yang telah diberikan kami hargai dan diharapkan dapat membantu FPV mencapai matlamat meningkatkan kebajikan haiwan.  


Sekian, terima kasih.




    “Komuniti MADANI Prihatin Haiwan”


Tiada tawaran sebutharga.

MAKLUMAT LANJUT: http://etender.upm.edu.my

Tiada tawaran jawatan kosong.


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